READ THIS FIRST - TES:CtA Rules Question Forum Rules!

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Rules Questions Forum!

This is the place for any rules issues to get official answers from the developers.

This is the only place to get official answers to rules questions. Developers and other Modiphius Staff will not be answering questions anywhere else.

This is also the only place we will take input on the errata.

To keep this forum organised and easy to search please follow the guidelines so other players can get answers to the same questions. Questions will be addressed by an internal QA tester every Wednesday with the goal to get any answers from the developers by the following Friday.

Since we will use this forum for FAQ and Errata based on these questions, we need to keep it clear so posts not following the guidelines may be closed and deleted.

  • Before asking, it’s best to double check the rule book.
  • Next search this forum to see if the question has already been answered.
  • Only one question per thread. If you have multiple questions, please make multiple threads.
  • Please do not “Bump” threads or “@” the developers. We will monitor these forums and some responses may take a while.
  • Please do not use model or rule “Nicknames” or memes.
  • Once answered the thread will be locked. If you find the answer unclear or have additional questions, please make a new thread.
  • Only answers by our team are official, however any locked thread can be considered to have been answered correctly.

We welcome answers from our community however to keep this forum clear and to get the correct information out please follow these rules for answering questions:

  • Never answer rules from memory, there is always a chance you have been playing incorrectly! Check the wording before posting.
  • Only answer rules questions with factual rules answers. Do not reply on this forum with opinions and house rules.
  • Do not suggest changes to the rules or errata. We value your input but this forum needs to be restricted to factual rules answers to avoid confusion.

We will be looking to recruit a Rules Team from the community to help with these forums. We will offer such positions later and list the rules team here.

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Living Errata Document

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