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Errata 1.1, Print and Play cards and Quick Reference Sheets

Hi all

The Elder Scrolls Errata has been updated to version 1.1. The same package also includes the Print and Play cards to replace the misprints in the core set and a QRS of all the handy tables in one place. You can get it from:


Thank you. I see a lot of cards that we don’t have. Are they from a different set? Cave Bear, for example. We are looking forward to the chapter 1 cards, maybe in there?


Yup. This errata covers the ore set and the Chapter 1: Civil War card set.


I am confused about the example for the new rule for limited use abilities.

The example given is for mjoll using sweep. It says the new rules limit her to only using sweep once per activation. If that limit were not in place, how would she go about using it more than once as she can not attack more than once per activation anyways?

Or is the limit of 1 referring to the number of additional targets she can hit? So basically sweep with a limit of one is like a normal follow up attack that is restricted to two handed weapons only?

Also, the chapter one card pack came with a second version of healing hands. It is exactly the same as the healing hands in the core set except it has the Aura targeting type rather than the Blessing targeting type.

Is the new healing hands meant to
1-replace the old.
2-the new target type is a mistake and we should use it the same as original.
3-they are both legal and it is meant to provide us with more options for healing?

If the answer is 3 I think it would have been better to change the name, as the spells function very differently as the original is a single target heal requiring los and the other is an aoe effect that can heal the caster, friends, and foes all at once.

Thank you in advance for answering these questions.

Does anyone know? Have these already been clarified somewhere else?

Hey RKO Adkins.

It refers to opportunities to do follow up attacks generated by the Sweep ability. If a levelled Mjoll were surrounded by, say, 4 Draugr and she removed the first with a successful attack, she can use Sweep to immediately attack another. If she removed the second Draugr as well, normally the Sweep Keyword could be used again, as she had successfully removed another figure. However, with Sweep (1) she has to stop, as may only use Sweep once per activation instead, only making one Sweep attack.

I’ll check on the Healing Hands card.


Thanks for the clarification.

Have you looked into the healing hands card?

Got an errata update today in email.

If you guys are back in the office could you inquire about the healing hands? This card is driving me crazy.

Healing Hands is a Blessing, not an aura. The aura is a misprint.

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Ok thank you very much.