Mirmulnir Rules


Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this.

I am a new player of Call to Arms and I have purchased the Mirmulnir dragon kit. On the store page it says that the rules will be provided as a PDF when released. Are these rules available as of now or is there an ETA of when they will be available?




The rules for Mirmulnir (and Dragons in general) haven’t been released yet.

They were being playtested and I believe they were slated to be released in full later this year (I think with the Draugr/Dragon Priest themed Chapter) but there’s a lot of variables to that timescale, not least of which is the revision to the main rulebook taking up development time and then any content like the Dragons having to get through Bethesda’s backlog of approvals.

So, short answer; the rules are coming but not 100% sure when.

Soon ™. JimmyW is correct. The revisions and rectifications to the core rulebook have pushed them back. We’ll be providing an update to the release schedule in a blog update in the near future.


Thanks for the replies. I have Mirmulnir arriving tomorrow and I’m looking forward to getting him painted. Glad I’m going to have enough time before the rules are released. :smiley:

Thanks again.

Hope you enjoy! It’s a beautiful model to paint up.