Cleaned-up rulebook?

My son and I played recently (I will admit first time in a while), and while he really likes the part he does (ability to try all kinds of combinations), we both get frustrated with finding some rules.

Because of that, I found this blog post pretty exciting: Elder Scrolls Call to Arms 2021 Roundup and Look Ahead

Is any progress happening with this? I may not be checking the right places, but have not heard anything since. I’ve got various rules for cooperative fantasy skirmishes, but this is the one that most interests my son. If it were less work, it would be easier to get me to set up a game. I’d really love an app that “curated” the various decks and did all the things we are supposed to do before a game.


Hey Andy

Good news is it is well under way. The latest news is here:



Hi gavin, any news when the rule book or the wave 3 card pack will drop? Would be nice to finally play with the dawnguard

Rulebook has just gone in to layout.

Card pack is almost out of layout and nearly ready to go to print.