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Editing bar hard to read, and one option unclear

The default color scheme is a little too low a contrast on the menu bar for my tastes and post data - I have to turn up the brightness to uncomfortable levels for it to be clear.

Hi there!

Are you talking about the contents of this menu?

We’re currently looking into implementing an alternate colour scheme for the forum. If you go to your profile settings, then Interface, you’ll be able to choose a different template. As it says, it’s not fully developed, so do expect bugs - but if you do see any bugs, please list them here. That would really help out.

Thanks - and have a Beta Tester badge too! :bug:

No, I was talking the one that pops up in the message edit box03
Light gray on dark grey is problematic.

In no small irony, for me, the greeish-blue text is easier to read.