Light board theme

Is there a way to enable Light theme(s) for the forums?

You can change this if you want - there’s a setting in your preferences panel. (under ‘interface’)

Now, here’s the caveat - we’ve designed the site for the DARK & MOODY scheme, because it fits with the design of However the light & cheery theme might not work as well, so please do give it a go and test it.

Let me us know here if you come across anything that breaks the site!

Have a Beta Tester Badge as a thank you!

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Thanks, I didn’t notice this somehow. I switched it on, and the first thing I noticed is that there are threads where the font is not readable. Check it out:


Like I said - we haven’t built these forum to support that Light Theme (which, I’ll be honest, I just turned on for you now :heart_eyes:)

If you can log the things you see that don’t work with the Light Theme turned on, we can use it as a list for our dev to try and fix when we next patch the Forums.

Thanks for the help!

Thank you very much for turning the theme on just for me :slight_smile:
I will post updates here if I find something else not looking properly.

Thanks for those new forums !
Indeed, it feels like they’re made for the Dark theme and not so much for the Light one, for exemple the little image at the top that says “Modiphius - Forum - Beta” only says “Forum - Beta” (as “Modiphius” is in white letters) when we turn on the Light theme :wink:

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Err… yeah… that’s because we’re so modest we don’t need a logo?? :persevere:

Thanks for spotting that though!


I can’t read it in Light mode because there is a black background image and the text over top is black/grey as well. It’s fairly user-unfriendly in Light mode.

We’re looking into what is exactly required to get the light theme usable. Currently it’s very much ‘use at your own risk’. However we’ll add this feedback to the list of things that need to be altered for it to be usable.

Thanks! And have a Beta Tester badge for being brave enough to use the Light Theme! :wink:

A fully functionable light theme would be very useful to me. I don’t know if it happens to other people but if I’m reading white text on a black background for long periods, if I look away I see “banding” across my vision which eventually begins to affect reading the screen.

Its one of the reasons why I can’t really read the non-PF versions of the STA PDFs for anything other than quick referencing.

Thanks for the feedback - the fact that the current light theme is pretty broken is definitely something we want to address.

If there’s any particular part that you’ve noticed needs special attention definitely let us know here!

As soon as there is any news regarding this rolling out we’ll announce it here.