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Modiphius Forum - Out Of Beta - v1.0 "Patch Notes"

The Modiphius Forums are now officially out of beta! Here are the ‘Patch Notes’.

Things should be working as intended, so if you still have any issues we’ll keep this category open for feedback and bugs (although we will probably rename it).

New Features You May Or May Not Have Noticed. . .

Forums Are Now Public

  • You no longer need a login to view content.

Private Silver Shields Category Launched

  • If you’re a Silver Shield, send a message to @Modiphius-Lloyd and he’ll arrange access.

Private Playtesting Categories Launched

  • If you’re in a playtest you’ll already know about (and be invited to) these! Any issues, get in touch with whichever Modiphius staff member is running that particular forum.

New Public Badges

  • Silver Shield - Granted to members of the Silver Shield Category
  • Vaultdweller - Granted to members of the Fallout Vaultdweller program
  • Badge(s) Of Honour - Granted to people who have earned 10 badges (note: requires re-logging to activate)
  • Badge To The Future - Granted to people who have earned 20 badges (note: requires re-logging to activate)
  • Credentialist - Granted to people who have earned 30 badges (note: requires re-logging to activate)

Retired Badges

  • Beta Tester - As we’re out of beta, this badge won’t be given out any more. If you got one for sending feedback and helping test the forums - thank you!

New Secret Badges

  • Have you filled out which games you GM in the Profile section of your Preferences? Hmm? Have you?
  • The Jeddara Of Narrators has been recognised as an official title - only one woman is worthy of this noble honour

New Emoji

  • Conan - :conan:
  • Modiphius Blue - :modiblue:
  • Modiphius White - :modiwhite:
  • Nuka Cola Cap - :nukacola:
  • Preston Garvey - :preston:

Light Theme

  • This can be accessed through the Interface section of your preferences. This is still in testing, and therefore expect it to not work perfectly. But let us know if you want it, and what bugs you come across.

Thanks for all your help getting this forum in working order! If you’ve got any suggestions or thoughts about things we could try with it, new emoji or new badges, leave a message on this category!


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