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Place for silvershields?

There is a place for the silvershields, a haven here in the forums?
secret or else?

really like a dedicated forum to all the range of games you do have! cheers from Venezuela @CalabozoCriollo

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There is one. We just need a little time to get access to the right people.

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cheers guys! im a silvershield how do i enter the silvershield forum?

Hi there!

@Modiphius-Lloyd is the gatekeeper of the Silver Shields. He’s looking into getting the forum area up and running just the way he likes it.

In the meantime he can help you with any other Silver Shield questions you might have.


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I have long time trying to contact @Modiphius-Lloyd about the silvershield report and else, he is at convention or something? @Modiphius-General

thanks in advance.

There is a way i could get to the Silvershield place? @Modiphius-Lloyd im a silvershield since 2017 :smiley: cheers from Venezuela. thanks in advance.

No way to DM Lloyd

@Modiphius-SteveH @Modiphius-General @Modiphius-Jim @Modiphius-James

You need to email

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Thanks @Modiphius-SteveH

How long after signing up to be a Silvershield do you find out if you’ve been approved?

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