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Forum Background

Love the Dune background but wow it is like an overload of color and lines behind the words, color and lines. Makes it hard to navigate and read sometimes. Seems some of the forums has a black background which is easy to read but dull, while Star Trek Adventures has background artwork but it is muted which makes everything easier on the eyes. Just an observation.

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I find the Dune background the hardest to read from the forums I regularly attend here.
The background image is just not well suited as a - well - background.
Some other background, that keeps the posts still readable, would be very helpful.

Or a forum setting, where you could switch off all the backgrounds (as other forums here have a similar, but not that massive readability problem due to their backgrounds).

I would agree.
It is mainly the top part if the image where you have the words and the light around Paul’s head where I struggle.
The lower part is fine.

Yes, a different background or even a low contrast version of the present one would be great.

Yeah, my fault as I noticed some of the other forums had one.
We’ll find something else :slight_smile:

The background would work fine with a 50% opacity to the image like the STA.

Way better than the plain dull black still.

Agree. Love the image but it’s a difficult background to read against.

I hope the fix is soon. I literally have to select all of the text to even see it. And blurry blue text against a brilliant white background is almost as hard to read.

How about a plain black background designed to be read?

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Yup, I’ve mentioned it to our web team but I missed them before they broke for the holiday.
We’ll tweak it when they are back.

Now they are back from the break you’ll notice the team has sorted the forum background.
(thanks team!)
All hail Shai-Hulud! :slight_smile:


Very nice. Thanks.