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Visual Aesthetic

So, while the lore and writing is coming from the entire sreies, the visual aesthetic, or at least that of the corebook, is being based on the upcoming movie, right?

Modiphius haven’t confirmed either way, but they have said that they have the same brand manager as Dire Wolf games who did the board game.
Dire Wolf did a blog post where they talked about their art. Part of this was that they were given some visual concepts from the film to work with but also had a lot of leeway.
They used this as the basis of the style of their artwork, so I assume that Modiphius has done the same.

Looking through the art that’s been released so far, there are pieces that say Dune to my eyes very much, so I’m confident that the art team will pull a style together that looks good.

I’m just as far away from a fan as you can get from the movie’s, to my eyes, bland looking, brutalist take on the storied Great Houses of the Padishah Emperor.

(This feels more negative than I intend, mea culpa.)

For the art its been a mixture of stuff.
We’ve followed the movie style as far as we’ve had access. So there is a lot of brutalist style art. For me it really suits Arrakis as good protection from the sand, but your milage may vary :slight_smile:
We have no likeness rights so we’ve avoided showing the actual characters.

But on the other hand there are things we’ve not been given access to (either not in the movie or we just didn’t get to see them - no idea which!).
For those we’ve had a reasonably free hand and for places away from Arrakis we’ve given places like the Emperor’s palace a more byzantine touch.

So, basically there is a lot of variety in what we’ve done. We’re ‘inspired by the movie’ which actually gives us the best of both worlds in many ways.
I’m really pleased with what we’ve ended up with, and if you want to see more just check out the blogs. We’ve revealed a piece of art with every blog so you can see more of what we’ve come up with there.
(but the corebook is pretty lush with art so there is plenty more there!)

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Sounds awesome!

I love the future rapiers in the “Atreides soldiers and Fremen” piece, very cool and accurate to the book! The Bene Gesserit art piece is great as well! :blush:

And I can see were brutalist architecture makes sense for Arrakis, just kinda threw me for bit of a loop.

Also thank you so much for not using those weird long dagger things the movie gives the Atreides.

I believe you are referencing kindjals, and those are Dune canon. They are long, pointy, dagger things, in the real world designed to pierce armor, so in Dune I assume they are meant to slide through shields and armor slowly. Nasty weapons, sometimes they have a T cross section of the blade, strengthening them to punching through armor.

This isn’t a kindjal, these are kindjal
Russian Kindjal

Caucasian kindjal

Believe me, I wish Duncan and his fellows were using futurized or even classic kindjals, but that hunk of metal he uses isn’t one.

In Dune, they use what they call a kindjal. Probably more because Herbert used quite a bit of arabic/persian influences more than that the kindjal developed in central asia was the exact same one used by the duelists of the Imperium millenia later. A kindjal is a blade designed to punch through armor, even chain mail. Long thin point with a strongly reinforced center or back. I have seen both. And they easily punch through chain mail and plate mail. As you can see on these two pictures, they have the long point and the reinforcement. And once again, they are Dune canon. Idaho is holding a blade that is the correct length but looks more like a wakizashi. Now you can post some wakizashi pictures, but that still wont refute that kindjals are Dune canon (as are rapiers).

I think you are both agreeing on the the same thing.

The film is using a short, heavy blade. This is not what is described in the book.

The Kindjal is canon from the book and what is being used in the RPG images.


Apologies, Modiphius using book accurate arms rather than those from the movie is one of the things I’m excited about.

I’m not the best at communication.

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