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TonyPi said Mar 13, 2018

Got those creature stats, Garrett? I hope to run it soon. Thanks!

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.


GarrettCrowe said Mar 20, 2018

@TonyPi The only creatures I used was the kraken like things, and I used the hook spider stats from the core book for them.


TonyPi said Mar 21, 2018

Thanks! I plan to introduce the locations you suggested.

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.

LC Episode 3: Rules Question [SPOILERS]

I ran this recently, but I had a question about the way the enemy hive ship weapons were intended to work. As written, the Dampening stat doesn’t seem to affect shield power, and without that, it seems like the combat wouldn’t play out as scripted, since Resistance eats up most of the damage rolled with the enemy’s much lower amount of CD. I got around this by draining Shields by -1 per effect rolled, in addition to the drain to Power from the normal Dampening quality. This helped things play out as intended.

What I am wondering is about the design intent (if you are able to comment on that). It seems like the stats provided would preclude the enemy getting a Breach result without it. Did I overdo the intended effect, or is there some specific rule or errata I may have missed to address the balance, or…? The narrative makes it sound pretty rough for the Lexington, but without being able to auto-drain the shields using effects, it seems like it would be a slugfest that the Lex would eventually win with minimal damage, especially if they Module Shields (which my group did right away).

Any thoughts or feedback would be great.

So, I am looking over the 1st Lexington mission, and it mentions to use the pre-generated character sheets. Where are these located at?

Those were a part of the original playtest. I don’t know off the top of my head if there’s a link to download them currently.

Pregens for the playtest adventures are no longer available. Feel free to use the pregens available in the free quickstart, downloadable off DTRPG or

Ignore the fact that we have a character with the Bajoran trait?

What’s wrong with Bajorans?

Bjorans are not Playable in the TOS-Timeline, regarding the Rules.

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It’s fairly simple to work around.

You could either disallow the character entirely, rebadge them as one of the myriad other species that were never named, or convert them to a canon species of the era.

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…or you just ignore the rules and play a Bajoran in TOS, if you want to. It’s not that Modiphius will call the RPG-Police to storm your premises if you do…

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This would be the easiest, but that’s not me. I stick with the cannon/lore as much as possible. I guess I’ll just not take part in the Living Campaign and just run these with freshly created characters.

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The LC is character-agnostic anyway. Play it with any characters you want.


shrug Your cup of tea is your cup of tea.

Yet, don’t restrain yourself too much. It’s even canon Starfleet had First Contact with some species before they’ve had First Contact. :slight_smile: Just because we never heard of a Bajoran in TOS doesn’t mean that there weren’t.

But, again, your game, your rules. :slight_smile:

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I had a player wanted to play a Bajoran in the movie era - he just decided the character was an orphan and had no idea what his species was. The downside was that he didn’t have the religious heritage that makes them appealing…

Thinking about it, I don’t think there’s anything in canon that says the Federation had no contact with Bajor prior to the Cardassian occupation (2328 according to Memory Alpha), and the planet is only around 60 light years from Earth (in fact the official maps show it as much closer than Cait for example). It’s possible that isolated Bajoran traders travelled into Federation space and that one or two may have joined Starfleet on a sponsorship (like Saru), so why not have one! It’s not like it will unbalance anything and they would easily become the token outsider…

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Star Trek VI takes place in 2293, 26 years before the occupation. I feel that Starfleet was more concerned with the Klingon front up until this time, hence no exploration toward that side of the galaxy. Once Starfleet was sure they didn’t have to worry about them, they began exploring. The Federation-Cardassian War started no sooner that 2347, after the occupation of Bajor. So, first contact could be somewhere in that 54 year timeframe. I could not find any reference to a Bajoran outposts or settlements off planet before the occupation. I could have overlooked this. If I have, please let me know.

There’s a reference on another MA page to it starting in 2328, but it doesn’t really matter. Most of these dates are derived from throw-away lines in the script that have been rounded off to the nearest decade anyway!

Re exploration: while I agree that Starfleet’s focus would have been the Klingon frontier, Talos, Cait, K7 and Sherman’s Planet, Organia, Megara, Cestus and the Gorn Hegemony, and Tholian space all lie beyond Bajor relative to Earth. A Cardassian and several Ferengi were seen in Enterprise (although they were careful not to name them). First contact with any of those species could easily have happened before or during Kirk’s time. There’s nothing that says they have to have a war immediately, or that they have to join the Federation, which means it may not have been a significant event to Starfleet. In my own campaigns set in the 2290’s, the Cardassian Union is a peaceful, if somewhat militaristic and secretive, trading partner of the Federation, much like their neighbours on Talar.

Bajorans were offworld hundreds of years before DS9 (“Explorers”) and “Several Bajoran colonies were established on planets both within and outside of the Bajoran system as early as the turn of the 24th century” - so that’s at least 19 years before occupation. I would argue that, given the opportunity, there are bound to be some individuals interested in venturing out as soon as the opportunity arises, regardless of the culture’s leanings towards stay-at-home pasturalism. Hence, traders and possibly missionaries in the Kirk era (Bajor may not have interstellar travel in its own right, but it’s likely they were visited by trading races like the Ferengi).

The point is that there’re enough gaps in the canon for you to insert small changes anywhere without affecting the world at large. It’s your campaign, have fun with it!


Now that you mention, I do remember this line. Thank you for refreshing my memory on it.