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Please restrict all Lexington shipboard communications to this channel. Captains and Crew may discuss operations, strategies, mission briefings and general discussion.

Archive from old forum


TonyPi said Mar 13, 2018

Got those creature stats, Garrett? I hope to run it soon. Thanks!

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.


GarrettCrowe said Mar 20, 2018

@TonyPi The only creatures I used was the kraken like things, and I used the hook spider stats from the core book for them.


TonyPi said Mar 21, 2018

Thanks! I plan to introduce the locations you suggested.

Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.

LC Episode 3: Rules Question [SPOILERS]

I ran this recently, but I had a question about the way the enemy hive ship weapons were intended to work. As written, the Dampening stat doesn’t seem to affect shield power, and without that, it seems like the combat wouldn’t play out as scripted, since Resistance eats up most of the damage rolled with the enemy’s much lower amount of CD. I got around this by draining Shields by -1 per effect rolled, in addition to the drain to Power from the normal Dampening quality. This helped things play out as intended.

What I am wondering is about the design intent (if you are able to comment on that). It seems like the stats provided would preclude the enemy getting a Breach result without it. Did I overdo the intended effect, or is there some specific rule or errata I may have missed to address the balance, or…? The narrative makes it sound pretty rough for the Lexington, but without being able to auto-drain the shields using effects, it seems like it would be a slugfest that the Lex would eventually win with minimal damage, especially if they Module Shields (which my group did right away).

Any thoughts or feedback would be great.