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Tohaa online book release?

so one of the online flgs retailers i buy from has the tohaa book listed for sale as a release, but i don’t see the pdf available on drivethrurpg. i’m not a KS backer but it seems like there’s no mention of the online release on the KS updates. any insight as to when the pdf will be available from folks who are more in the know?

I know that there was a list of where all the upcoming books are in the production line. Can’t recall where the Tohaa book is though. I’m still awaiting the TAG sourcebook which according to what I read is in the proofreading and art step at the moment. So looking forward to all of the new TAGs (I just hope they added some of the ones released like the Blue Wolf TAG from Yu Jing and the Zeta TAG from O-12) in addition to new rules on how to create our own TAG from scratch. :smiley:

But if I had to guess on when the Tohaa book comes out…sometime later this year? I looked up some info and back in September 2020, the Tohaa book was being reviewed by backers before they added stuff like artwork. From what I can figure out, they were working on the book around the same time as Shadow Affairs, so it might come out by the end of summer of mid-autumn? I’m just guessing based on what I’ve read, but I hope this helps.

thanks. sort of does. the print book is out for sale at a couple of retailers in the US. surprised not to see it out in pdf. could be that the retailers got their stock with shadow affairs and aren’t holding it back for pre-order. just wish that a modiphius staff person might stop by this forum every once in awhile and answer a question tbh

You’re welcome! That’s good that some retailers have the book for sale. I know that some online retailers have the Shadow Affairs book on pdf format. But yeah I do wish a staff member would stop by and answer some questions.

Of course, that’s why we have our fellow members here to help us!

Although, trying to figure out some of the rules is a bit overwhelming (the Genemods being one of them!).

Tohaa is out now at drivetrhrurpg.

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yep. saw that. thanks!

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Hopefully soon we’ll get the TAG sourcebook.