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Thunderbirds rules question

Possibly dumb question, potentially obvious answer, but still.

When transferring characters from one vehicle to another, it is obviously permissible to leave a vehicle without operators. Thunderbird 2 can then pick up either Thunderbird 4 or FAB 1, operator or no, and transport it elsewhere. Is it then possible to fulfill the requirements of a mission that requires the presence of said driverless vehicle in that location? Nowhere in the rules does it state that a required vehicle need have a driver, but narratively it seems like there should be someone to drive it. Though maybe they have remote control devices or something. It is the Future, after all.

You can leave a vehicle without an operator, however you need at least one player in the space to fulfill the mission though they could be in a different vehicle. The exception would be missions that require pod vehicles in different regions. You can drop them off and they don’t need a player present

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Okay, so to be clear: If the mission requires FAB 1 and Thunderbird 1 to be in Europe, and FAB 1 is on its own in Europe, with no crew member present, but Thunderbird 1 flies in to the same area with whoever happens to be piloting it but no additional team members, that fulfils the requirement despite having only one person to pilot the two vehices. However, if the same mission requires TB 1 to be in Africa instead, having FAB 1 in Europe does not help because there isn’t at least one team member there. Correct?

That is exactly right.