AAT 3.3 To the rescue!

I have been playing this scenario and something seems weird.
The suggested event deck has 6 event cards (as if it could be 7 rounds, usually 6), and the special rule about the Vertibird grenade says you cannot throw the grenades until round 5 begins, but the grenade does not explode until the end of next round (6), and the scenario has 6 rounds, so if your objetive is surviving, is there any reason to throw any grenade? :sweat_smile::thinking: When they can kill anyone the game is over, and the grenades can hurt you (the Vertibird).
Is there any mistake with the rounds number? Or with the special rule? They seem too weird (or too useless).
Edit: I suppose you need to use a Throw Action to use the Vertibird grenade, but you don’t roll anything, right? It says it does not scatter, so it cannot move or disappear if you fail, then why would you roll?


  • Change the round in the ‘Watch the Skies’ rule to Round 4.
  • You would still roll for the Vertibird Signal Grenade so there is a chance of the attack failing if you do not meet the required value of the test. You don’t need to scatter but that doesn’t prevent a roll from happening like any other test.