Where to Find Vehicle Rules?

Hi guys! I am new here and just started playing. Forgive me if this has been answered but I have searched online and on the forums and can’t find it (probably right in front of me and I missed it somehow). I am trying to find rules on vehicles, mainly any rules that mimic the video game where they can explode. People mention that there are rules for it but I cannot find them anywhere. Thank you in advance!

there is a reference card, just search for it in the download section, reference cards.pdf at www.modiphius.com
or you can use the app too

Here’s the link to the downloadable cards :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!! Much appreciated!

Hi ppl, I am trying to find rules for vehicles such as the vertibirds, tanks or APCs that are able to be used as actual vehicles in both the table top battles and the RPG. Do these exist and if not what is the point of the pilot skill?

There are no vehicle rules at present, this is a deliberate choice based on the source material, but we are looking at if its possible to introduce Vertibirds into the game.

That’s certainly not 100% happening and it will likely be for specific scenarios only.

Just thought that if I was to run a brotherhood of steel RPG game for my friends. You see in fallout 4 they had vertibirds in the commonwealth, I don’t know but maybe even reworked APCs/tanks in other areas. But good to know that there might be something on the horizon. Not too desperate for tabletop warfare but definately RPG rules would be good.