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Future rules for vehicles?

Does anybody know if there are rules for vehicles in the Gamemaster Toolkit, or is it something for further down the line? :thinking:

I’d imagine it’s further down the line. The core game is very Fallout 4 centered and there were no vehicles in that game.

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Not player controlled, but you could get transported by vertibird.

The reason I am wondering about it, is the inclusion of the Pilot skill and the veracity of said skill. I know that if I were playing a BoS person, I would like to have the chance to pilot a vertibird - especially in an all BoS game.

That said - I could probably conjure something up, if need be. Though official rules would be nice.

I can understand why it’s not in the core book - a) you need things for sourcebooks and b) it’s really pretty fringe to Fallout 4. In the game it’s not much more than a fast travel option which runs semi-counter to the explore/survive theme the RPG is going for.

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There’s a 2d20 game called Devil’s run they sell on the modiphius store that has some decent vehicle rules that could be ported to Fallout. The dice set would also be awesome for Fallout games.


I imagine vehicle rules will happen: FO1-2 had them and it looks like Modiphius is able to expand the license I don’t forsee it taking too long before that gets covered, especially given some distances.

This has always been a pet peeve of mine with fallout, the Brotherhood and Enclave cruising in their Vertibirds and yet the Waste landers can get power armour going but not a Car ? arguably a much simpler task … just my thoughts , i plan to homebrew the rules myself when i start a Game, i realise its 4 months later but i just wanted to post somewhere , and i am stupid and cant work out how to start a new thread myself

It has to do with what is manageable in a computergame. Vehicles in a game such as Fallout 4 is very difficult to manage and so they have been omitted. Probably for the best… Not that I would not have liked to race across the wasteland as in Fallout 2.

I do agree that they ought to have been included in the TTRPG. Though I do not think that there are any really vihicles rules in any of the other 2d20 itterations, that can be easily modified for use in Fallout, whích might be one reason that they were not included in the base game. I do hope we will see some soon :nerd_face:

Edit: It seems that Devil’s Run should have some rules :face_with_monocle:

Yeah i was looking at Devils run and thought about that , seems lik e agood idea to use a game based around vehicles to add to fallout , must get the PDF , but having some TTRPG rules for fallout would be good , enter the Biker gangs

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Star Trek Adventures also has vehicles, though it looks like the only ones that have any stats are spacefaring vehicles…

I’m making due with some quick-n-dirty vehicles from the Fallout PNP rules using the vehicle rules from the Infinity RPG. Here is what (little) I have.
FYI: Cut-n-paste, use fixed length font.



MANOEUVER (FREE): move to anywhere within Close range.
CAREFUL PILOTING (MINOR): move a number of zones equal to half its Speed, rounding down, min 1.
HASTY PILOTING (MINOR): move a number of zones equal to its Speed. Sill tests +1 difficulty until the pilot’s SoT.
FLAT OUT (STANDARD):  (D1) Pilot test, move a number of zones equal to its Speed, +1 for each AP spent. Sill tests +1 difficulty until the pilot’s SoT.
ENTER/LEAVE VEHICLE (MINOR/STANDARD): Minor is Exposed vehicle, Major if not.
EVADE (REACTION): attack becomes a skill test opposed by the pilot’s Pilot skill, pilot +1 DN per Scale


Car         1      2      12   5    2+5§   12  3   Exposed (+2§ Cover), Ground, Wheeled
Hovercraft  3      2      14   14   4+6§   20  4   Exposed (+4§ Cover), Ground, Hover, Watercraft
Motorcycle  0      3      9    2    1+3§   7   2   Exposed, Ground, Wheeled
Truck       2      2      14   3    3+6§   20  4   Exposed (+2§ Cover), Ground, Wheeled
Walker      1      2      15   1    2+6§   16  5   Enclosed, Ground, Hands, Single-seat, Walker
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