Any Vehicle Rules (house rules or other 2d20 game that would be a starting point)

I’m running a (very) large scale Fallout game and the players are starting to eye vehicles. Has anyone done up any house rules for them? Are there other 2d20 games that might provide a basic framework? I was debating picking up Devil’s Run to see if there was anything I could cobble together but no idea if there’s anything useful in that or not.

Devil’s run has a solid framework for vehicles worth taking a look at.

In my games, I have a player control the vehicle and they can use pilot to maneuver to increase defense for the vehicle by 1 or road rage and do damage to something. Additional pilot checks to use a weapon while driving. Anyone in the vehicle also gets an automatic 2 to defense if they didn’t already (lost if they get on/out of the vehicle). The vehicle itself always has a 1 in defense if not maneuvering and has its own HP.

Not very deep, but like you pointed out, Devil’s Run has much more in-depth rules for vehicles that can easily be adapted to Fallout.

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For now til everyone gets use to the system and my sanity we are staying clear, but I do like Mortagon’s idea of devil’s run from what I have seen I think it is a good start.

If you have an idea where I could upload a .docx file, I’ve got some I’ve written up. Including some vehicles to use. They’re a bit untested though, lol.

Edit: Oh, hm. I uploaded it to GDrive but I guess I’m still too new to use links.