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Tanks (or other vehicles) in FoWW

What are people’s thoughts about adding tanks to the game? Me and my brother are home brewing some rules for using tanks in the spirit of Fallout Tactics. Has anybody else done something similar or have any tips from other sources?

Here are some hasty pics with Fo minis next to a WW2 tank we might use:

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Yep, Mammoth tank and Armored Personnel Carrier from Fallout 4 would lookg great. There are no engine limitations in a tabletop game.

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We will most likely go for the Tactics’ aesthetic i.e. modify some WW2 tanks. Vehicles from Fallout 4 would be neat, but we would have to sculpt them from ground up as they are so weird. We have the first draft of the rules ready now. Will do some playtesting when we have the time and share how it goes

Would expect to see the FO4 set as terrain and possibly a base upgrade but I think there’s some big issues with the balance for combat.

Is that the Testors snap together Sherman? I get tempted to get that every time I go into Hobby Lobby.

Tamiya has some 1/48th scale tank kits which would be better in scale. We used them back when we were playing Secrets of the Third Reich, seemed the closest scale-wise, plus they are damned nice kits for the money.

Tamiya’s 1/48th wwii armor line is real nice.

It’s an M10 tank destroyer, I’m not sure which company it’s from though.

I’m sure we will get some for terrain…at least if I can find some I plan to ruin them :wink: I have found some cheaper kids toys like military jeeps that happen to be to scale at dollar tree…k plan to try and do something with them

The WW2 minis in the pictures are Bolt Action miniature line. They aren’t the perfect size, but I think some tanks from it could look ok

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