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Fallout Boardgame mini's for FOWW?

Hi everybody !

I recently get a starter set and when I opened it, I remarked that the mini’s size and details are close to the ones from the official boardgame so I took a picture to show you and get your opinion on it :slight_smile: :



I admit to having the same thoughts, though the boardgame minis are a lot more cartoony with more exaggerated and less realistic proportions. Which is entirely appropriate for a boardgame, but less so for a minis game.
Still, they would definitely work in a pinch.

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I took a look at mine as well and feel that if re-based then some of them could definitely work. While the humans are a bit more heroic scale than realistic scale (so they have oversized heads and hands compared to the WW figures) I think some could work as alternate scavengers or settlers. The Super Mutant also seems like he could work. Mr. Handy is practically identical to the WW one except one slightly different manipulator and being mounted to the base in a different fashion. The BoS Knight however looks particularly out of scale with the other WW power armor figures and does not really work.

I’ll 3D print scenic bases and rebase every mini’s from the boardgame, then I’ll post the result here with officials mini’s to compare :wink:


Hi there. I painted the boardgame minis just for fun, because I already have a bunch of Modiphius FWW models. As you noted, boardgame ones are a bit larger and are not proportioned, specially humans.

But eventually, I use boardgame minis as special characters in my FWW games.

Removable base extensions for super mutant and power armor guys are 40mm plastic bases with a forex ring. As a new home tradition, I painted almost all of them in a 45 min rush while waiting for my friend to arrive and play the game where the mini was presented. Like soviet tanks in Stalingrad, directly from factory to battle!

Basic boardgame:

And New California DLC:

Size comparison:


I’ve found the tiles out of the boardgame to be more useful than the miniatures. They are a great way to randomize a tabletop set-up (draw a random tile and try to put down terrain to be similar), or, even better, set them out facedown as in the boardgame and “explore” from one tile to the next in story mode (again by setting up the board to be similar to what the tile shows).


I like that idea, though it’d be cool if Modiphius did an expansion like that. Into the Wasteland is a bit like this already, sans exploration and the “mapping” aspect.

I wish I could get paint jobs that nice in 45 min, or even at all :wink: I think they look just fine, on a tabletop the minor scaling differences would be negligible, and adds some variety to the Ltd lineup officially available