Centaur spit damage

What’s the purpose of scattering this weapon if it does not have an AoE damage?

it can still hit a target but chances are really low so maybe it was just a cost saving issue? add scatter and remove aoe makes the attack cheaper.

It’s not the first non-aoe thrown weapon with scatter but the others all summon other units instead of dealing damage.

So if the spit scatters over a model base near to the target (luckily), it hits that model, right?

i think that this rule will work in this situation
So if a line will passes through any model it will be damaged.

The item has a grenade icon

My mistake! so a spit will jumping like a grenade then. looks counter intuitive for me.

I would put an Orange AoE, like a bit of acid

I’d probably play it without the grenade icon as that would make more sense but the orange AOE isn’t really going to break anything.

Yes, it could be better that way, so it acts like a missile :ok_hand:

In the video game, Centaur spit moves in a ballistic arc, exactly like you’d expect from a grenade (or a ball :smile:). I imagine this is why they gave it the grenade icon.

Yes, and they could fail or not, so what would be the point of scattering this without AoE? You could argue the same with a bullet, why not scattering all shots? if you fail a shot, scatter it, because it could hit someone in the Battlefield :sweat_smile:
The weird thing is scattering without AoE damage, you could think that it could reach other model near when scatters, but being a rad spit, maybe It is a typo and the attack is missing the AoE color

Fair point. I guess this is where thematics are overruled by the need to keep the rules manageable. Scattering every missed shot would be cumbersome so they save it for the more memorable ones. It’s rare (the way I deploy) that scattered spit will hit anything of note.

Side note - I’m currently playing Fallout 1 and it’s a very common event for enemies to shoot each other by mistake :rofl:

Yes, it is normal in the videogame, same with your partners and yourself :sweat_smile:

It would be really hard to hit with the scattered spit, so I don’t know the point of this attack, beside the possible mistake on the card.