Scattering scenic items

When I put scenic items all over the map I know that cover items, breaking a clear and direct line of attack, affects range attacks.

But, what are the elements or how I have to scatter scenic items in order to affect close combat in a similar way?

Terrain can affect ranged combat by blocking LoS or providing cover.

Terrain can affect close combat by blocking LoS (most models need LoS to charge), being impassible, requiring climbing, or being difficult terrain.

The principles are basically the same.

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It depends exactly what you’re after, but it might be difficult to do with just scatter terrain. Having different levels of the map (ie, ground level, balconies, rooftops) can affect units abilities to engage in close combat by allowing high up models to shoot down onto lower ones, and terrain which affects movement distance will obviously also affect it.

It’s worth remembering that the more range weapon inhibiting terrain you put in, the more models will rely on close combat to defeat each other. If there are lots of walls blocking line of site, then close combat focussed minis will be better able to avoid being killed at range, but if there are some wide open ‘kill zone’ areas then shooting can be more useful. Unless you’re after a specific feel (ie, close quarters fighting in the tunnels of an underground military base), then I personally find it good to have a mix of both cover heavy and fairly open areas on the battle field :slight_smile:


To illustrate some of what was said here, I present one of my 4 way set ups. The supermutants(top left) were not to fond of these. One of the buildings at the right has a staircase leading up which yoy can’t see from this angle. The Minutemen(top right) quickly got up to that building and picked off any supermutants who stayed below or tried to pursue via the various walkways. The Brotherhood(bottom left) picked off any supermutants who tried to head towards the center. Meanwhile the Survivors(bottom right) kept as much between them and everyone else while searching items to try to find the objective. Unfortunately the store was closing so had to stop before anyone won, but if I recall it ended up with the Supermutants only managing to kill 1 model(a Minuteman) while only having 1 or 2 models left themselves. The other groups only lost 1 or 2 models each if I recall.

So yeah, elevation is a great way to hinder melee as are long open shooting galleries.


Thanks a lot for the answers. There are a lot of useful ideas for making fun scenarios