Close Combat with Ranged Weapons

I hate to make a new topic, but I couldn’t find clarification anywhere.

In the grey box, page 24, it says about ranged weapons in close combat

 "If a weapon has a minimum short range greater than zero, it 
  cannot be used for a close combat attack."

So does this refer to ranges similar to the grenade, where it has a single colored range, and one black bar? I only have the starter box, so this appears to be the majority of ranged weapons in the game. It’s definitely the majority, if not all, the weapons given to super mutants in the starter scenarios. Or is there something I’m missing?

No problem. At present, there aren’t any weapons in the game (starter set or the expansions) that have a minimum range greater than zero. I added this for future-proofing in case it is needed later.

The rule refers to weapons that may only start to have an effect after a distance away from the firer. As a result, this rule is just saying those weapons could not be used in close combat because they only have an effect starting from a fixed distance from the firer.

Does that help clear it up?

Perfectly, yessir. Thank you very much for clarifying so quickly. Maybe my mutants will win a game tonight.

Oh wow, I had mis-interpreted that as well. I just thought the first, short-range bar of an weapon is what was meant by “minimum range greater than zero”, and so I thought that ranged weapons couldn’t be used in close-combat. Oops.

Oooh like how a mortar has an area around it that it can’t hit because it’s too close. This make much more sense. Thanks for the clarification!

Just another little clarification if it’s possible, I’m not sure how to interpret this rule, but super Mutants can use STR to shoot. So if they shoot in close combat mode the bonus is still applied, and they don’t have any malus for shooting in close combat?

While engaged in close combat the SM’s can use their melee skill (usually STR) for shooting. The regular -2 to skill roll still applies as does the +1 to armor for the target.

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Thanks, did not understood it that way :wink:

No problem. Page 24, grey box, for future reference if needed.

Future proofing for when the Fatman rules come out. :stuck_out_tongue: