Tutorial Scenario 4 Brute AI

I ran through this scenario this weekend and discovered that the Brute never fired his Rocket Launcher, and after closer inspection of his AI card he never will. Has anyone else noticed this or am I missing something? Any recommended fixes?

Not sure if it’s the right way to do it, but how we treated AI for Attack is that the icon order is used as a preference. So Melee is preference for the character, then we look to see if the character can reach it’s target model. If yes, then we resolve Melee normally. If not, then we move and attack with ranged attacks.

In our case it was the Behemoth where it came up, and the card sort of made sense for it. The club was preference, but being unable to close that distance in the turn we opted instead to throw and move with the intent of clubbing when they reached our models.

That probably doesn’t help you much, but that’s the closest experience I’ve had to that.

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When using the AI, they should be armed with just the weapons listed on their AI card (called their ‘standard equipment’) which for the Brute is just a Sledgehammer. (The rule for it is on page 8 of Campaign Handbook in point 2 of Set-up in case you need to refer to it.) The forces listed for the tutorials were created with 2-player games in mind. Cool that you played the tutorial versus the AI :slight_smile:

If you do decide to use the AI with weapons different to its standard equipment, ideally swap weapons of the same type, i.e. melee for melee, rifle for rifle, etc.

If you do want to give a ranged weapon to an AI which only has the Close Combat method icons down the right-hand side of the AI matrix, you could pick a couple of those icons that will count as Ranged Method instead so they will fire the ranged weapon sometimes. Note though that this can give some unexpected/odd results as the responses, method, etc. on the AI cards are carefully combined and changing some parts may stop it from working well. Alternatively (and probably safer), you could just decide the Method the AI would use for each attack response. (Same goes, but in reverse, for an AI that only has Ranged Method and you give them a melee weapon only.)

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Ok, l knew I was missing something. Thanks for the clarification, Modiphius-James and thanks for the suggestions, GateKeeper. Think I might try to make a Heavy Weapon Brute AI with one of my blank AI cards for the fun of it. Will try to post it once I’ve thrown it together and tested.

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Finally had time to throw this together but haven’t tested it yet. Went with the one nuka bottle, one star, and mushroom cloud as ranged for the AI’s method based on the thought that as a player I would want to shoot the rocket launcher as often as possible. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Why use the Brute as the ranged attacker? Wouldn’t you rather put the expensive, limited, and nasty heavy weapon on a standard Super Mutant, who is a better shot, if it was your army?
The Brute is a hand to hand specialist, not a heavy gunner.

Nevermind, just looked closer and saw that the Heavy Weapon skill on them is based off their strength score. Carry on…