Weapon with AoE question

As example lets use grenades on a group of models:

  1. Attack hits, inflicting 2 + 1 damage to a target plus whatever comes from the effect dice.
    Q: How the other models within orange should be resolved - armour roll against 2 damage or armour roll against 2 damage plus the effect dice damage? Or they should have a separated effect dice rolls?
  2. Targeting a space between models.
    Q: How a successful hit is resolved? Armour roll against 2 damage only, 2 damage plus the same effect dice bonus for all models in range or maybe 2 damage and separated effect dice rolls for each model?

1 roll, all models hit resolve the same roll (+1 damage if you target a model)


In both instances, you would do one damage roll and all models would test individually against that one roll.


Thank you guys!