This world is trash

ed. I changed the title so I can just throw up pics of whatever terrain and minis I end up doing up for this game, rather than multiple threads. Currently I am painting what will hopefully be Gorax (or some close approximation).

When I played Fallout in '96 (recovering from appendectomy), for whatever reason my brain interpreted the shadows under the rats as tendrils, like what the Centaurs of that game have.

So now here is how to make such an abomination.

Firstly, materials and tools. You will need:
Some type of putty or modeling compound. I use milliput for the example.
Some sort of armature, let’s use some bread ties.
Something to move the putty around with, a GW sculpting tool and some homemade ones out of old brush handles.
Also some small pliers to twist the armatures around more easily.

Begin with an length of wire about 7"(19cm) long and fold over itself in half twice.

Then twist it together in the middle three times or so (enough to keep the whole thing together). To make it easier on yourself latter, you can also superglue the twist.

Then cut the looped ends free and begin to give the rat a skeleton to sit on.

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Compare to its previous kin to keep size semi-consistent.

Mix up a small amount (snow pea) of putty and divide into two smaller, unequal spheres (lol censored ■■■■■) for the head and main body.

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Stickem good.

Use your sculpting apparatus to shape the tail and main body. I use an segmented, earthworm-like tail.

By scoring lines down the length and then turning and jabbing the opposite direction with your tool, a rough hair pattern is easily achieved.

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Use the smaller of the two previously made spheres to sculpt the head. Model it after everyone’s favorite rodent and, don’t forget to give it sharp, nasty teeth.

Then stick the head to the body, some superglue here as well will not go amiss.

Leave the thing to dry a couple hours at least, more depending on local humidity.

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The previously mentioned tail is added as well as some of its six tendrils.

Everything must be added in stages to allow each to dry so as not to muss previous work.

It is useful to have several on the go at once for this reason, as another can be made up as the first dries.

Finish the other tendrils.

The bottom looks rubbish, and the tendrils are too thick but, no worries, none will see the bottom when it is based and the tendrils can be cut down to size once dry.

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Soon, the fabled Rat King appears.

Apologies for the rubbish photos, my potato is low quality.


Excellent job!! Very funny models, I still fear the Fallout and Fallout 2 rats and fighting them with just a knive… :sweat_smile:

I used the same materials and techniques to build these boatflies (much less detailed than your rats) for Into the Wasteland…

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Nice work! I particularly like the attacking one’s evil eye.
I also marked up some giant/fire ants

based on the locals, who are much too fragile to work with.

I am hoping to capture some more of these bloodwasps to use as bloodbugs, but I may have to just sculpt them.

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Gave the ants a quick coat and started on Gorax. Flipped the horns to look less ram-like. Contemplating how soft and human I want his face to look.


Did up a Juve Female Super Mutant from parts I had around, with a Brute for comparison. The Brute has also gotten a handy new core oak handle, so he can switch out weapons and get his forearm chopped off and keep a coming.

Also a Wanamingo from Milliput. It definitely needs a smoothing if I want to achieve the slick look the Aliens they are based on have.

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Played the Sanctuary Hills scenario that came with the heroes of such. Sole Survivor Day One and friends vs the Super Mutant podcasting sensations the Bad Friends. Codsworth is repped by Maximilian the robot as I have not assembled my model yet. Justifying the thread title, all the terrain is made from trash or old bits and bobs that hadn’t found a use in the last half decade or so.

The battlefield from the south.

A downed and fully stripped spy satellite.

The Northeasterly entrance to the Ritz building, home of Maven Genetics, Showing the active security (rear of a turret) and terminal to shut it off and access the passive security

and reverse view.

A canibal cook stand. The book is titled “To Serve Man” but is probably too small and sloppy to make out.


A less savage and more scavage cookstand.

and the main entrance to Maven Genetics. There is a top as well that can replace the seized gears to show looted/unlooted status.


A unique gecko that is more chameleon/ankylosaur than house gecko

from milliput yellow, green stuff and liquid green stuff to smooth out some of the skin. Over a wire and tinfoil frame.

Wanamingo hive queen or whatever its called with an egg.

The last Centaur based on the original (the thing) rather than the less infringing modern version.

Green stuff and gorilla glue over wire.

Another fire ant and some junk jets (which will feature heavily in SA), as well as the unique Manopener autoaxe from New Vegas.

One of the heads of Jörmungandr, a kelp island snake containing a mirelurk colony that will be floating off the western coast of Africa. Alternately, some kind of scarab creature encountered in the Kalahari.

Some food stand options.

Did up the PVC Settler that came with the base set. Quick and dirty repose and paint.