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The Vanished adventure

A coupl’a months ago, I ran my players through the old FASA adventure, The Vanished. I spent a bunch of time adapting it to the STA rules system and updating some of the elements of the story to reflect some of the things that we understand better about the Star Trek universe.

The Vanished is, in my opinion, the original FASA adventure that felt the most in sync with Trek’s storytelling style. I don’t think it’s any secret that FASA’s adventures took on a much more militaristic flavour as time went on, but The Vanished was published before that militaristic direction really took hold.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking, recently, about collecting some of my conversions notes together. For starters, here’s the STA character sheet that I threw together to describe the main adversary:


I ran that adventure for STA a few years ago for a con game, and it went well. I’ve also run the short story from the Star Trek III Sourcebook Update, which is a riff off the TOS episode “Operation: Annihilate,” and that went well, too. I’ve collected several FASA adventures in physical form, along with the few I had left from ages ago, as well as a heap of PDF copies of them - they’re a goldmine, I think, for adventures, ideas, and other materials.

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Yeah, I ran this one during the playtests a while back and it was surprisingly easy to convert. It went down well.

I’m rather fond of the old FASA stuff - a lot of it was very militaristic, but they produced some good background material (worlds and the like). With a little work, it’s good source material for the late 23rd century.

And their takes on both Klingons and Romulans are still my favourites.


Not sure about the Romulans but John Ford’s version of the Kilingons is my “go to” for my games.

Any way, I’m looking forward to the time that I’ll be able to run Witness for the Defense; a sequel to The Devil in the Dark TOS episode.

Oh, and I’ve adapted The Vanished for a Klingon-centric adventure!


The Vanished was the first FASA Adventure I adapted for STA, it’s my go to module when running STA at Cons. Half a dozen times I’ve run it with STA and have had unique resolutions every time.

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This is a cool thread. I have probably a dozen of the FASA adventure modules, including The Vanished, as well as the set of short scenarios that came with the original boxed set, and am looking at which ones I might adapt when I start a new Star Trek Adventures campaign. There is a lot of useful material to be found in the FASA adventure modules.

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I’ve actually been tracking down the FASA modules to mine for ideas.

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how did you get the I’lgil model for the image? this looks amazing.

I 3D-sculpted it in Blender. I don’t sculpt much, so I can’t say that I’m good at that, but I’Iglii are supposed to be blobby and I have enough skills to make something look blobby.

Thanks for the compliment!


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Thank you! I am just starting a campaign - just ran Signals and Rescue on Xerxes and my own first original adventure, and was planning on doing The Vanished at some point as I’d dug up my old FASA books (the first edition was, I think, much truer to the Roddenberry vision than the second edition, and I certainly loved the paper “bridge consoles” that allowed actual roleplay during ship combat). You’ve just saved me some work.