The search for....a lost scenario

Nearly centuries ago (not joking! I’m feeling old …) I ran a pnp-Star Trek-fanmade-scenario using one of the former ST-pnps.

I’d like to run this scenario again with my actual STA-group.

Unfortunately I forgot the title and where to find it.

There are only a few clues I can provide. Maybe some of you know this scenario.

  • the title is similar to “echoes of the past” or “shades of the past”

  • the opening sequence starts with an romulan bird of prey in the past attacked by some sort of space phenomenon

  • the space phenomenon is the main antagonist

Any ideas?

“Echoes of a Tattered Past” maybe?

That sounds rather like “Echoes of Faded Glory” by Dave Biggins, on ye olde trek-rpg(dot)net site.

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Is there a direct link? is “under a very slow reconstruction”.

Seems I can’t post links, so I’m afraid you’ll have to translate www(dot)trek-rpg(dot)net/oldsite/ops/adventure_echoes(dot)htm

Well that seems like a pretty good candidate: Adventure - "Echoes of Faded Glory"

Echoes if faded Glory it is.
Thanks to everybody. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a fun one. I may adapt it.