The Shadow of the Sorcerer Releasing Soon

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Conan: The Shadow of The Sorcerer (

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I have my pdf copy of Shadow of the Sorcerer and am liking the set up and first scenario so far. Haven’t finished reading the whole book yet. I did notice one issue that I’m hoping they caught before they went to print. On the map of Argos on page 62, it shows the cities of Eloth and Asgalun West of the mountains that divide Argos and Shem. On page 64 the text describes Eloth as the “Shemite town of Eloth” and we all know that Asgalun is supposed to be in Shem. On page 42 of Conan the Mercenary the map of Shem clearly shows Asgalun to the East of the mountains dividing Argos and Shem. The map of Argos in Conan the Pirate, page 40, also clearly shows Asgalun in Shem. Looks to me like Eloth should be in Argos and Asgalun in Shem.

Has this issue been brought up before? Seems like a pretty large discrepancy. Hopefully they caught it and it is corrected in the print version.


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Hardly the only typo or glaring mistake in the manuscript. Page 6 refers to “the gamemaster is encouraged to follow the advice of veteran mystery writer Daischell Hammet… whenever the pacing got too slow in a story, he’d have a guy with a gun come through the door.”

Although Hammet offers some great writing and is admirable for many reasons, he didn’t author this tidbit. This literary technique is literally called Chandler’s Law, from Raymond Chandler’s advice in “The Simple Art of Murder”: “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.”

Sure, this error doesn’t effect the scenarios, but it destroys the credibility of the writer. And editorial staff. If simple–easy to verify citations–can’t be trusted, AND scenario text descriptions don’t align with provided maps, why do I want to spend 47$ on a book?

Modiphius really needs editors who can spot such mistakes by writers. And check that handouts/maps replicate what is described in the scenario.

Really want to like this book, but reading it is an exercise to ignore the poor proof reading.