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City of Shifting Sands


This is my first Scenario released to the public for review. It’s a treasure-hunting dungeon crawl set in Shem, but could be put into any desert area.

City of Shifting Sands.pdf (529.9 KB)

Hoping to run this sometime in the next couple months. Any critiques? Please let me know what you think, and don’t hold back!

EDIT (May 10): Made a few minor updates to the document. Revised an internal inconsistency in the narrative text block under Ancient Towers Revealed. Adjusted the statistics in the Treacherous Corridor scene to make the Hazard less deadly. Generally cleaned up typos, edited redundant passages, clarified a few descriptions, and tweaked some monster statistics. Finally, gave myself author credit on page 1. Thanks for reading!

EDIT (May 23): Posted a final update. Caught some additional typos. Added some passages making it more clear where locations are in relation to one another. Included alternate suggestions for running encounters using only the Core Rulebook.


This looks great! I will be running it once the covid dies down . . .

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Thank you so much! If you have the chance to offer criticism before then, don’t hesitate. I hope you and your players like it. Expect more to come!

Go with Crom. And if he does not listen, then to Hell with him.

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Will read in details later but it look awesome thanks you for sharing it !

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Just took a short look, but the idea itself is great by itself. Even if I come to the conclusion that I don´t like it, the idea itself is worth it by itself.

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Thanks for sharing with the community ; lovely contribution.

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