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New Adventure: The Sands of Arashin-Ral

Origionally posted to the old forum by [QBird]

I posted a few days ago about an adventure I came up with. I was going to make a few tweaks, but I figure I’ll just post it and see if I can source some help from the community. It’s the first one I’ve ever written, and my players seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit.

The Sands of Arashin-Ral.

I’m looking for help in simplifying the structure of the adventure, as I think I wrote it a little too verbose and strict. In play, many things ended up being different than what I wrote, and I think I need to distill it down to something a little more loose. To the more experienced GMs out there, I would love to hear what you do when you’re coming up with adventures to help keep your process quick and the adventure smooth. This took me longer than I think it should to come up with, so any tips people have would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: v1.1 is now live, you can download it here.


Great job Steve!
Captures the feel indeed. Thanks for this!

Cant open, by Bel!

Could you re-upload your Conan adventure please? It seems both links are dead at this time.

funny thing. the file works if you are signed out of google, but not when signed in. i guess download it instead of adding it to your driver first…? and virus scan it b/c that is sketchy imho.

I tried downloading both logged into my Google account and logged out. the Google link seems to be dead for both versions of the scenario. If the author could update the link, or anyone who downloaded a copy could share, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

I managed to download it last year, here is a link to my Google Drive copy of this scenario:


Hmmm, I’m pretty sure I ran this but it must have been v 1.0 maybe . . . I definitely notice differences! Probably not enough to sneak them through it again . . . although new characters . . .

@FrankF Thanks so much for re-posting a copy!