The Shadow of the Sorcerer and other project updates?

Has there been any recent updates on the release window for The Shadow of the Sorcerer and any other upcoming Conan releases? I got into the system post Kickstarter so I don’t really know what else is supposed to release and when.

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I’m in the same boat as you but recently they released Waves Stained Crimson which also was part of the Kickstarter. I think they are slowly going to release the other projects that are part of the Kickstarter. There is nothing solid on this though.

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In the same boat, i.e. patiently waiting… At least eight (8) Shining Kingdoms adventures were recently released (available via so some content is definitely being pushed out. Encouraging.


Is there an option to purchase the pdf of the Shadow of the Sorcerer now? I saw where if you purchase the hardcopy you can now get the pdf. But as a non-physical book purchaser can I buy just the pdf now?

I’ve looked for it as well and haven’t spotted it.

Generally speaking the stand alone pdfs don’t come out until the book is finalized and available. This is more of a pre-order bonus for ordering the HC ahead of time.

How is the campaign? I think we are going to play it next even though there’s only 2 of us.

They mention the Pict source book in Conan the Scout that didn’t make it into the Kickstarter and I remember an old post saying that it would be released at some point anyway. Thy have an Age of Conan book in the works and 2 others I can’t recall.