Best Mongoose Supplements

My core book and Conan the Thief came today, meaning I now own all the current hardcovers. And I have the next four on pre-order. So I’ve already got plenty to read as I prepare to start a campaign. But I was also interested in perhaps getting a couple of the old Mongoose supplements, particularly ones that go into more detail into cities or places not covered as much by Modiphius. So does anyone have recommendations? I’ve heard that the Messantia boxed set is good and Shadizar looks solid as well. A lot of the Mongoose stuff is still available online including stuff that is brand new and shrink wrapped. I have no interest in pdfs; I’m old fashioned and I like actual books or boxed sets.


Well you allready mentioned Messantia and Shadizar - city of wicked ones.
You seems to want books that goes into detail of cities and places so I would recomend “Cities of Hyboria”, “Faith and Fervour” (just to get more of the religions), “Shem - gateway to south” and perhaps “Stygia Serpents of the south”.

I am glad that there are still people like that… I have bookcase full of dead trees that I enjoy so much… :slight_smile:

PS: Messantia and Shadizar books are excellent resources. As I said in another thread, without the one for Messanthia I wouldn’t be able to make the sessions that took place there so enjoyable for the players - Sewer Workers guild and the dynamics between the noble houses. Quite helpful resources.

Nothing beats Dead-tree! :smile:

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Thanks for the recommendations! Just snagged new copies of Messantia, Shadizar, and Shem on ebay. Better yet they were all from the same seller with free shipping. I’ve got a lot of reading ahead but hey, our semester’s almost over. I’d much rather read Conan supplements than bad student essays.

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As a follow-up I finally got my Mongoose city supplements today. Two boxed sets and 1 hardcover book (Messantia, Shadizar & Shem). All were new and shrink-wrapped and look to be very useful for this version of Conan as well.

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@Hyrkanian you will have a great reading ahead of you. :smile:

I am also tempted to do something like that… but the bookshelf is getting heavy on books that I might not use that often… Have to control the urge. :smiley:

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I’ve been selling or trading old gaming supplements I don’t want for all this Conan stuff so I don’t feel guilty about splurging on yet more gaming material. And I’ll be relocating for a new (temporary) job next fall so I’m hoping to join or get a Conan group together there. Our regular crew plays Labyrinth Lord/Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

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