Your favorite books from the Conan line?

I took advantage of the week off to read through my collection (I snagged all books over the last few years, minus the 2 ‘tie in’ books, which I do not consider part of the original set).

This re-read really made me appreciate how much a labor of love this has been for Modiphius. And while I am sure this has been a long road for the editor/publisher (with some ‘fatigue’ clearly visible with the last products), this must be considered one of the best RPG lines produced to date.

It’s hard to point to one of the supplements as the best since all bring something of value. I am curious as to which one you see as the best of the line, from the perspectives of both production quality and utility at the gaming table.

Oh… and Happy New Year to this fantastic community!

Hm, thats a good question and really hard to answer. I think, when looking on production quality, design and feel, I like them really all.

But, as for my own preferences, I do think most important and game expanding, in terms of setting and extra rules I would vote for

The book of skelos
Nameless Cults

Those are giving some more in depth background for a big part of the whole hyborian setting.

But thats a hard decision to make, as I personally like all of the books.

From the GM perspective: Horrors of the Hyborean Age. This one is really useful to modify and adapt creatures and create challenges for even experienced PCs. My favorite.

Good and tough to answer question! The way the game designers split the setting and system content across the books make all of them excellent, with the exception of “Art of Conan”, which is basically reuse and no value.

If I have to make small list, like top 5 maybe:

  1. Conan Core Rulebook (yeah, it is a must)
  2. Conan the Thief
  3. Conan the Pirate
  4. Horrors of the Hyborian
  5. Book of Skelos/Nameless Cults
  6. Conan the Adventurer

I arranged those mostly due to the way I experienced Conan books as a kid and my preference for the themes in those regions and mechanical aspects that are provided. I wanted to see the Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities in the list, but the book was quite disappointing.

What N1 would be, if it was released prior the product line halt, is the equipment book. We REALLY need a book where everything is aggregated. Now I have to go to so many places for talents, classes and equipment. Good I have Realm Works to have this for now.

I like them all but I’d consider Horrors of the Hyborian Age to be a must have after the Core Book. Not just because of the new beasties but also the templates to modify existing ones.