The scorched stats

Hello all,

Has anyone created a stat card for a scorched character at all that they wouldn’t mind sharing?

I’ve ordered some models that will proxy superbly for them.


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As far as I know there’s not been a fan made stat card for the Scorched yet. I haven’t played F76, and I’ve only seen some lore vids some years ago. So my knowledge on them is lacking as with most of F76.

Are the Scorched technically Ghouls? If so, you could use the ghoul stat cards as a basis for making Scorched versions with additional abilities. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you go :wink: I would use the ghoul ai card including the agi test for the charge. As equippment i use pipe pistols and a machete. If you want, i could also do an ai card

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Superb! B98 WASTELAND MUTANT Sci-Fi: Necromunda, Cyberpunk, Fallout Miniature 28mm 32mm | eBay

Here is the link. What do you all think of these models for scorched?

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I only played '76 once, but I remember the scorched having crystal formations (which could always just be painted on) jutting out of them, and thus prefer the Mantic ghouls,

as they have spiky projections and are sprued so they can make a variety of possibilities.


To make Feral ghouls (or regular Ghouls) into Scorched, by some green crushed gemstones and dot glue on random spots and apply them.