The ... option is missing on other people's posts.

Was toying with the tutorial and could not report the bot’s post because the three dots that open more options in the bottom of the post is only available for my posts, not anyone else’s.

Maybe I was doing something wrong. Maybe I do not know what I am talking about.

Tried it in Chrome and Opera.

Hey there!

Thanks for this. Taken a look and it’s down to the fact that you haven’t been promoted up to Trust Level 1 yet. This is the level at which the system allows you to flag other people’s messages.

Seeing as you’ve been active on the site, we think you (and anyone else in a similar situation) should be at Trust Level 1, so we’ve lowered the requirements. They are now…

  • Read 5 posts
  • Browse 3 topics
  • Spend 10 minutes on the forums

Thanks for testing the site - you should now have a new badge to show off your mighty testing skillz.

Thanks for the info.

Editing the tutorial should probably be on the laundry list, then. It’s not really a priority, but the bot demanding me to flag a post and me being unable to do so was infuriating. The tutorial itself was quite nicely made, though.

I just did the tutorial and despite having trust level 1, there was no flag option on modiphibots posts, ended up having to use the skip function to get past the flag this post step

Oops! Well spotted… @Modiphibot had a bit of a bug in it’s system, but things should work now…

Thanks for the feedback! You should also have a Beta Tester Badge too!