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The Master - who else

I know we have a hopefully long run of New Vegas to look forward to. But is anyone else hankering after The Master?

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Really looking forward to all FO1 (and FO3) stuff, those two are my favorites! I hope they give the Master some fantastic legendary model rules - he’d deserve it!
In the meantime, there’s still so much to collect, build and paint, though - by the time the Master becomes available, I’m sure he can enter a rather populated Wasteland :wink:

Yes! Been waiting for this one ever since the sculpt was revealed years ago. Might be a long wait though considering next waves are New Vegas and then Fallout 4 leftovers. Here’s to hoping we get more classic Fallout 1 and 2 sculpts soon, Frank Horrigan and Marcus are a good start but I really want more classic Enclave, Mutants, Vault Types, and the Followers of the Apocalypse

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I didn’t know they’d released a sculpt! I went and found it following your post and it looks amazing!

I was really worried that they’d try to tackle his immobility issue by having him in a vehicle of some kind - but I much prefer the ‘true to the vision’ interpretation that they’ve done. I think it would have perhaps even been better in FO1 if they’d used this larger scale.

I wonder what stats they’ll use to make him unique. I’m hoping special rules rather than just beefed up stats.

I think/hope they’ll turn him into a legendary character like Frank Horrigan or the Deathclaw Matriarch - both of them got pretty neat special rules :slight_smile: