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The Green Harvest

I’m writing a short scenario for people who want play as super mutants or slaver traders.


You put the note with your orders aside as you move closer towards the unsuspecting settlement. Best keep your prey alive and fresh…

Battlefield Setup

The battlefield is 3 feet x 3 feet (90cm x 90cm) in size. Place buildings and terrain suitable for any sort of human settlement on the table, outside of the attackers deployment zone. The terrain shouldn’t give either side a significant advantage.
The defender deploys first, placing half of their models within blue from the attackers deployment zone. All remaining models are placed further away. All models of the defender must be at least red from each other.
The attacker deploys within yellow of their board edge.

Scenario Rules

The attackers want to keep their prey alive, so they need to subdue them. An enemy can be subdued by reducing their hitpoints to 0 (or less) with improvised weapons in melee. Only the final hitpoint(s) have to be removed by an improvised weapons in order to subdue. A model that has its hitpoints reduced to 0 (or less) with conventional weapons is killed however.

Victory Conditions

The attackers win as soon as they have subdued 50% of the defenders force (in terms of points).
The defenders win as soon as 50% of the attackers force are killed (in terms of points)


Sounds great. I like how simple and flexible the idea is.

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