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That's odd ... Chain Rifle vs the Concilium Convention

Something I noticed while perusing the Ranged Weapon Table on p359 of the Corebook.

Allowing for the bizarre Concilium Convention hatred for shotguns (despite the number of shotguns that seem to crop up in Corvus Belli’s design artwork), I was wondering if there was a reason why, on the ever-popular Chain Rifle entry, the Bureau Aegis symbol is in the Tariff column on the table, rather than the Restriction column (where it sits for every other restricted weapon).

Have I missed a footnote somewhere?

AFAIK there hasn’t been a response on this, I have assumed it just the logo in the wrong place.

However, there is another interpretation, and it’s what I personally employ. As Chain Rifles are “cheap and easy to build” you might consider them to only gain the Concilium Restriction whenever the Tarif triggers.

Perhaps this represents some weird build process being involved or just that the construction of the weapon triggered some alert in a database somewhere, the description of these guns always reminds me of a Ripper from 40k in that most are scratch/hand-built and that the ones with a triggered Tarif represent the few well-made industrially produced models that have been declared as a restricted item.

Remember the icon is applied to weapons capable of destroying cubes and Spread weapons are really good at turning things into little chunks.

As for Shotguns… its because of the Ammo types they can get that they have this symbol, only AP Slugs don’t have the Concilium Logo so why not make Shotguns restricted as well, they are a pretty indiscriminate weapon by the time of the Human Sphere.

I like the suggestion that it’s a Tariff-related crackdown. Nice!
As for the shotguns, I can see the argument - after all, they do make a mess! It was more a tongue-in-cheek observation of the frequency with which the various shotguns appear in Corvus Belli’s sample illustrations alonside iconic weapons.

I have no actual answer as why the symbol isn’t in its usual place. But i have an idea as why so many weapons that actualy are restricted by the convention see much use. In my opinion, it simply shows that major power choose not to respect the convention, and have the power to do so. And i think that the concilkiul convention is probably way more respected by private entities, and probably way more enforced.

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I wonder if it is still taken to be relevant. I’m preparing for a fresh round, all players new to Infinity coming from Mutant Chronicles. While i do like the general idea, it just seems to inconsequential to be taken serious. A Flamethrower, yeah, that’s a pretty cruel weapon, but i think a light grenade launcher is just as likely to destroy a cube than a shotgun. Also bows and other heavy weapons have just as many prohibited sorts of ammunition.
Besides, neither in print nor PDF faction books appears the Concilium Mark ever again and no other gear has it, just that weapons and ammunition table.

Has any of you actually kept that in mind while playing, or did you just go with common sense?
“While technically true, the Panzerfaust doesn’t has the Aegis Sigil… if you carry it to the family fair within Öberhaus, the feds WILL ■■■■■■ you!”

I’m still in the same mindset than in my previous faction, if it’s a major faction, they get away with it, if not, they might be consequences.