Survival : Risks Implicit Dangers?

Can anyone provide some examples of just what ‘implicit dangers’ may be with the Risks Talent ?

It’s a pretty broad statement : in forests, deadfalls?, deserts : sunstroke?


Basically yes, what you said. Every environment has specific hazards or potential encounters (wild animals, raiders) that can be avoided if you are aware of them. Here a few more examples:

  • Arctic: black ice, avalanches, polar bear attacks
  • Coastal: dwellers of the deep attacks, storm surge/tsunami, brackish water
  • Desert: Sand storms, quick sand
  • Mountain: rock slides, high winds, thin atmosphere
  • Plains: raiders, stampedes
  • Urban: street gangs

Thanks Shran. So pretty much anything in that environment that could be hazardous; this talent is so good it seems. So one of my PC’s is a Shark Pict & has forests, coast & swamp for Risk talent; would you include other tribes in the forest as dangers? Presume there would be a survival skill struggle if there were enemy picts nearby with Risks?

I would not roll this as a struggle, since the other party is entirely passive. But yes, the talent specifically states that it may help you avoid encounters, so native tribes are definitely a potential encounter. Assume that the character knows that a particular forest region is territory of some tribe, so they avoid it when traveling through the forest.

Of course this does not mean that there is never an encounter. You could spend Doom to create a group of scouts or something that operate beyond the tribe’s territory, so the Risk character could not have foreseen this.