Dodge talent in Hither Came Conan... write-ups

Can anybody help me find the Dodge talent that is in virtually all of the Conan character write-ups? I cannot see it any of the rule books or supplements.


He’s got a couple of unique talents, but you’re right, there’s no writeup on that one. Perhaps they meant Pantherish Twist?

Yes, good suggestion. I thought of both Pantherish Twist and Savage Instincts as substitutes, but neither of them works properly.

  • In Conan the Barbarian he has Dodge but not Nimble as a Cat, so that means Dodge cannot be replaced by Pantherish Twist.
  • In Conan the Scout, again he has Dodge but now also Savage Instincts, which means they cannot have meant Dodge to be Savage Instincts either.

Bit of puzzle.

Thank goodness someone has seen this as it was driving me mad trying to find it. Frustrating but nothing to lose sleep over I guess.