Deflection, Pantherish Twist and Parrying


I’m new to the game and i have a question about “Deflection”, “Pantherish twist” and the “Parrying” weapon quality. Do they stacks for the doom cost?

“Deflection” specifically says that it costs 1 less when using the parry skill for a defend action but “Pantherish twist” says that you can use acrobatic instead of parry for a defend action. So if a PC have both the talents and use the acrobatic skill for a defend action it has a 1 doom reduction or a 2 doom reduction?
And the “Parrying” weapon quality stacks with “Pantherish twist”?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my english.

Personally I would keep the parry quality and the deflection talent for using parry. If you have a talent that lets you use a different skill for defending against melee attacks then that’s a trade off. You’re dodging now not parrying. You’re not using parry anymore so things that affect parrying are lost, but you get to have your defense and offense off of the same attribute.

So no doom cost reduction at all.

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I agree with Werlynn.

That’s been my general ruling as well.

Ok, thank you for your answers.

Remember though that Pantherish Twist comes with it’s own internal Doom reduction just like Deflection. But I would say it doesn’t stack with the parry quality it’s just used instead of Parry whenever you can Parry.