Some clarification please

Hi all,

I have some questions about the game please:

  1. Ferocious Wounds (Parry): It’s says that the weapon gets the Ferocious quality but it seems i can’t find it, someone can help me find that quality please?
  2. “Living Shadow” says that “gain bonus Momentum equal to your ranks this talent” but is not listed the maximum ranks you can buy. There’s a limit somewhere else? The max rank is in fact 1 and the talent is only worded in a weird way? Thers’s an errata somewhere that i can’t find?
  3. In some points i have found “Large shield”. Is it the same as the “Tower shield”?

Thank you in advance for the help.

  1. Page 79 of the Player’s Guide lists Living Shadow as having Maximum Ranks of 3.

Thank you very much, in the core manual the info is missing.

  1. I’m pretty sure that Ferocious means Vicious.
  2. Probably.
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When you wound a foe, your penchant for the dramatic
allows you to panic the weak-willed. Once you have inflicted
a wound, your weapon gains the Ferocious 1 Quality for the
rest of the combat. This doesn’t add to any weapon already
having the Ferocious Quality.

From how it was written in Conan the Mercenary, I presumed it should be “Fearsome” thus inflicting (X) mental damage for each effect rolled.

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Yeah I have also assumed it is Fearsome quality.

As there’s already a talent to get the Vicious quality on weapons, Fearsome is the logical choice here. Plus also the talent’s reference to “panic the weak-willed”, which suggests mental damage.

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Thank you to all for the answers :slight_smile: