GMs Campaign Plans and the Brigandry Outlaw Lair Talent

Curious if other GMs, while planing out a general outline for a campaign, have given Players a Lair through Plot Design or have opted for the give it (a Lair, for example) to the players only if they get the talent for it style of GMing. The depth of the talent options has me thinking toward the latter.


I have not done it in Conan yet but in other games where I have given players a base of operations. But there are a few narrative differences. If players don’t have the Lair talent, their base of operations is usually temporary or could be found out. Further a Lair (as per the talent) seems more elaborate and can support assets like troops.

I imagine a Lair is more like the Bat Cave and not just some random safe house where you are easily spotted.

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Thanks, @Shran, for that detailed difference. The way i worded my question was vague, and i appreciate the clarified example of the Talent’s benefits’ in-game use, which i guess is what i was asking for, poorly.