Suggestion for hollow objective markers

Seeing the objective markers in the latest update, I wonder if the bases could be slightly hollowed out so you can place a searcheable marker beneath it.

After all you still have to use the markers for determining whether it’s an item, a danger or something that requires lockpicking/hacking/searching, so you need to keep them somewhere on the table. I think “storing” them beneath the bases would be neat and tidy as the markers are completely out of sight, but right there when you need them.

And of course you could hide any other markers under them, depending on what kind of scenario you are playing, like the mine token or the gas token for traps.

What do you think? Is it possible and feasible to produce bases like that?


I’m assuming that the bases won’t be sold as hollow to make casting easier/more reliable, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to hollow one out with the right tools :slight_smile:

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We’ve always just sat our objective markers on top of the token. That said, having them designed to cover the tokens WOULD serve to tidy up the table while playing. Neat suggestion.

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Yeah, I have been wondering about that. I think you can use a specific drill bit for drilling an even/flat depression, but that would be expensive to buy for just a handful of objective markers.