Player Purpose Card "Chaining"

Been looking how i can involve the "into the wasteland as more than just “yet another objective” kinda scene and wanted to make a small RNG list of things that could happen ( with minor narration in mind)
For example i was thinking how would my players secure more land without caps for more structures? MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT AHAHA but seriously. Put them on a Scout Purpose and once its complete, RNG with a die or another method to see what chains next if anything, like Secure cause maybe they found a ton of booby traps laid out bu hunters, or a Clear cause they stirred-up a Deathclaw nest.

The into the Wasteland kinda helped put a bunch of semi-connectable puzzle pieces together here for me, but having a full time job, blah blah blah only got so much time to brainstorm.

“Into The Wasteland” Player Purpose (Blue Header) Cards Sinc Up list

Heres what I got:

  • Scout > Secure ( Land for settlement )
  • Scout > Clear ( Find Enemy/ Thief/ Traitor )
  • Scavenge> Clear ( Enemy appearance while scaving)
  • Passing Through >Contact ( Perform Stanger cards( Homebrew*Completion: Trade Caps for Quick Heal if boring Stranger (3 caps per damage)))
  • Passing Through> Eliminate ( On Trek back home, enemy Ambushed PC’s)
  • Search Party (Lose Settlement Defense? Roll Armor Die (Or whatever) and see how many Settlers Ran from home as the battle raged on)

If anyone has any extra idea please post them similiar to mine ( make it easier to copy paste to the big list)

I like the idea of having several different outcomes possible keeps things fresh and less linear. I never used the “into the wasteland.” However, in terms of keeping things organized a flow chart can be a good way to do it with these things. I have tried using a list or bullet points and it turns into a mess. Much smaller scale stuff or payout charts bullet points all day. We do bullet points for Nuka Cola machines all based on a luck die (50-50 roll, if you don’t have a luck die a d6 works high/low, even/odd, etc.) Straight forward payout but different possible outcomes and still easy to read. More complex mission details or campaign details flow chart with numbers or short memory joggers with more in-depth paragraphs elsewhere is the best way we have found.

Nuka Cola Machines
Luck Stat determines how many rolls Luc 1 (One roll) Luc 3 (Up to Three Rolls if all are successful) Luc 6 (Up to six rolls if all are successful) first failure no more rolls and payout determined by chart below.

1 Successful luck roll (50%) – Nuka Cola
2 Successful luck rolls in a row (25%) – Nuka Cherry
3 Successful luck rolls in a row (12.5%) – 2 Nuka Colas
4 Successful luck rolls in a row (6.25%) – Nuka Cola Quantum
5 Successful luck rolls in a row (3.13%) – 3 Nuka Cherry
6 Successful luck rolls in a row (1.56%) – Nuka Cola Quantum, Stimpak, Radaway, 300 Caps

Oooooh i like that idea for the Nuka cola machines. Excellent idea.