Bases and 3D terrain complications

So i have played quite a few games now and loving it but something that is happening to me on some of my terrain has made me think that, the bases for fallout while pretty awesome for cosmetics, have a design flaw. As they are low profile and very “flat” trying to balance them on terrain is a nightmare, I’ve had more than 1 supermutant face plant on some rocks when trying to take cover behind some suitably apocalyptic terrain. When the behemoth went down he took out several BoS which was kinda funny (but also damaging to one poor guys resin limbs).

Anyone else encountered this? how are you resolving? I have started to not use certain terrain pieces, but I like having 3D terrain as it feels more in theme so I’m tempted to rebase everything on hollowed out bases such as similar to the GW ones which fit over terrain and kinda grip because of the inner lip of them.

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