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Subdermal Grafts

How does Subdermal Grafts work ?
in detail:

When combing them with worn armour, are they bound by the rules for combining armour ? Or do they stack with the worn armour, as a certain sentence about LHost defences implies in the Aleph book ?

Is there anywhere a rule hidden, that allows higher values in Subdermal crafts ?

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They’re a type of armour. Why wouldn’t they be bound by the rules for combining armour?

True. I should ask in another way.
In the Aleph book, LHost Armour is marked as Internal Armour and LHost armour shall stack with worn armour. In my group this created the question, if all Internal Armour will stack with worn armour… or is this a wanted exception ? Apllies this exception to selfdesigned LHosts too ?

So in other words, do they combine like layered armour, or stack like Lhost armour?
I suppose it could be argued either way - Lhost armour is probably more integrated throughout the structure of the Lhost, rather than just being under the skin. But then again, it can also be argued that the subdermals are internal armour, like the LHost Armour, and should therefore stack. Hmmm.
Remind me - are the Subdermal Grafts tagged as Internal Armour, like the LHost Armour?
Yeah, that wasn’t entirely helpful of me … sorry!

They’re not, they’re only self repairing. They’re also a fixed value whereas Lhost armour is rolled.

My personal opinion is that treating Subdermal Implants as Lhost Armour and having them add +2CD armour (average of 1 Soak) rather than their fixed values would be appropriate. This would be a house rule.

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Discussed this with Solodice recently.

Tl;dr I’m wrong and it looks like all Subdermal grafts can be stacked with External Armour. Which makes a lot more sense given their downsides and how hard they are to get outside of character creation.