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Pocketed & Lighter Build

and all the upgrade versions have no description of what they do. Inquiring minds want to know!


I have raised precisely this in the errata thread as well. You can probably port it from Fallout 4 if you have it, but not everything in the RPG translates exactly. If I recall correctly in Fallout 4, pocketed adds 5 lbs to carry capacity per limb it is fitted on and 10 lbs for the torso (it can’t be fitted to helmets), deep pocketed is 10lbs per limb, 20 lbs for the torso. It does increase the weight of the armour though. Light and ultralight build affect AP as well as decreasing weight so it’s a bit harder to direct translate. Packrats like me pretty much always went with pocketed as the carry weight gain for a full pocketed set was significantly more than the overall weight reduction for a complete set of lightweight armour.

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