2 little Armor questions

I´ve played the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Tutorial missions so far and had a lot of fun with my friends!
While playing, we stumbled over different armor items.

The rules say, you can choose between the item armor rating or the rating from the unitcard. So far so, good.
The “Sturdy Leather Armor” for example is clear: It has values for all 3 types of armor, even if it is a “-”.

First question:
The “Damaged Hazmat Suit” has only one type of armor. Does this mean the other 2 types are “-”, like on the Sturdy Leather armor?

Second question:
Items like the “Chain dog collar” or the “heavy gauntlets” show only values with a “+”. Does this mean, the value is added to the one on the unitcard or is this strong armor? For my understanding a strong armor value is like 1+1 and not +1 alone.

Hope my english is understandable. :slight_smile:

Good questions!

  1. I believe you’r spot on with the Damaged Hazmat Suit - it has no values for physical and energy armour, so putting it on would nerf your native damage resistances. The card should probably be updated to reflect this like the Cleanroom Suit.

  2. Those items are armour modifiers, so they increase your standard armour value by what ever the “+?”, not an add of +1 strong armour.

Armour Modifiers add to your base damage resistance, while some armour and clothing items will give you strong armour tokens (ie: Red Flight Helmet, Armored Pads), and other armour items have strong armour values bulit-in (ie: mechanist armour, regualr Hazmat Suit,

Thanks for the quick reply, that helps!

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oh good spot, I am going to put that info in the other topic so Modiphius does not forget to add that detail in the next errata PDF


Question #1: Damaged Hazmat Suit. If you get hit by an attack where your native armor has better protection (Physical or Energy) when you make your armor save roll, you choose your native armor (or some other piece of armor, whichever is legal or better to use). If you didn’t have any Radiation armor on the unit card, then you could say,“I’m going to use my Damaged Hazmat Suit Radiation value.” It’s cheesy, but not unlike the video game.
Question #2: +1 armor versus Strong Armor. If the card says +1 to armor, it makes a 1 into 2 and so forth. If it says Strong Armor, then it’s Strong Armor (X+1, etc) There is also a difference between Strong Armor and the Armor Boost Tokens. The Tokens go away when you get hit, but Strong Armor bonuses stay.