About armor and strong armor

Hello. I have some question about items cards that give armor and armor bonus identification.

For example:

  1. Aviator cap give unit +1 physical armor, + 1 energy armor and Per +2
  2. Army helmet give unit +2 physical armor

What kind of armor give this items? Why “+1” in Aviator cap at right side and “+2” in army helmet at left side?

Does it mean that the Aviator Cap give unit a +1 Strong Armor and the Army Helmet give +2 to unit own armor without Strong armor?

So if we give Aviator Cap to Super Mutant Aviator, his physical armor raiting become 2+1 or 3?
And if we give Super Mutant Aviator Army Helmet, his physical armor raiting become 2+2 or 4?


At present there are no items that give a model Strong Armor except Armor Boost tokens, so anything that increases armor increases the armor value, i.e. a model with 1 physical armor and would have a total of 2 physical armor if wearing the Aviator Cap, or 3 physical armor if wearing the Army Helmet.

(Interesting you spotted the numbers to the right and left of the armor type. My plan was to show anything that was not Strong Armor on the left side of the increase to add some extra visual clarity (i.e. ‘+2 Physical Armor’ rather than ‘Physical Armor +2’) but there were a few slipped through the net.)

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New question.
We have BoS Knight with 2+1 Armor (+1 Strong Armor Token from Hardy) that takes an damage from Laser Rifle (2 Damage) + Blue Dice (Nuka Bottle) + Black Dice (Additional Wound).
So Khight have 2+1 armor and 3 damage (One of the damage without arm roll).

In what sequence i must play the Wound without arm roll and Strong Armor?

If First damage is damage without arm roll, does the Strong armor block it first? And i must then defence 2 wounds on 2 at Armor Dice?
Or i must first block 1 wound by Strong Armor, then take 1 wound without arm roll, and than defence 1 wound on 2 at Armor Dice?


The damage that ignores armor occurs first and then the remaining damage is resolved as usual. So in this case, 1 damage is applied to the target (due to the Laser Rifle with 1 bottle icon making 1 damage ignore armor) and then the remaining 2 damage is resolved and the 2+1 armor is rolled.

It may help you to know that if something says it ignores armor then any Strong Armor is ignored, i.e. Strong Armor does not stop Poison. If something says no armor roll is made, then Strong Armor still applies, i.e. Strong Armor stops the damage from On Fire.

Thank you James for quick answer.

Another situation.
My Sole Survivor has 2 Strong Armor Token and Physical Armor 3.
When Sole gets 4 physical damage, and how i must use Strong Armor Token?

  1. I use 2 Strong Armor Token to remove 2 damage, and then do Arm Roll from 2 physical damage by Armor 3. (2 Strong Armor Token then remove).

  2. I Use 1 Strong Armor Token to remove 2 damage (Because 1 have 2 Strong Armor Token, i remove 2 damage, but pay 1 token), and then do Arm Roll from 2 physical damage by Armor 3. (1 Strong Armor Token then remove).

  3. I Use 1 Strong Armor Token to remove 1 damage, and then do Arm Roll from 3 physical damage by Armor 3. (1 Strong Armor Token then remove). Another Strong Armor Token I will use at next time when Sole gets damage.

James am i right, that the algorithm of Armor roll is:

(For example 1. my hero have Armor 4+1 and gets 2 damage +1 ignore armor damage + 1 no armor roll)

  1. Take 1 damage from “Ignore Armor”, whithout amy Armor Roll. (My hero get 1 Wound)
  2. Take 1 damage from “No Armor Roll” whithout amy Armor Roll, But this damage is absorbed by Strong Armor. (No wound). If i have no Strong Armor, my hero get 1 Wound.
  3. Do Armor Roll from 2 dmg by Armor 4.

One thing to remember is that Strong Armor increases how much damage is blocked by the armor roll. Strong Armor does not cancel damage as a separate step so there is no separate timing for Strong Armor. This is the same whether the String Armor is from a Unit’s cards or Strong Armor tokens. For example, 2+1 armor is hit by 3 damage. The armor roll is made and the +1 adds one onto whatever the armor blocks (which could be zero). If 1 is rolled, a total of 2 damage is blocked. If 2 is rolled, a total of 3 damage is blocked. If 3 or 4 is rolled, a total of 1 damage is blocked (none from the dice roll plus 1 from the Strong Armor).

If a model has 2 Strong Armor tokens and an armor rating of 1 then their armor rating is 1+2. When they are hit (regardless of what damage is done), they discard 1 Strong Armor token.

Note that Strong Armor tokens cannot be used on top of Strong Armor that is derived from a Unit or Item card.

If any damage ignores armor then do that before resolving the rest.


Thank you for explanation!

Can you explain what will be with the Knight in T45 PA (2+1 Armor and +1 SA token from his card`s rule) if he will take 3 damage hit?

The Armor ratings of Power Armor cannot be increased by the Armor Boost token or anything other than Power Armor mods (Rules of Play, p. 45) so the damage is resolved against 2+1 armor (and, due to being hit, the Armor Boost token is discarded).

The Knight’s ability helps when not wearing power armor but the powr armor does the same job when a Knight is wearing Power Armor. There are occasions when a Knight wearing power armor may get to use an Armor Boost token (as it may choose to derive its armor ratings from a different (non-power armor) card so the Armor Boost could be used, see Rules of Play, p. 21), but usually not.

Great thanks! :slight_smile: